Winter Field Meet

Bill Hatch and Rocco Addeo hosted a fun day of hunting and hawking this February.  It was beautiful, strangely warm day for a New England winter and many falconers and spectators attended the meet.  Game was plenty, the birds had several slips (opportunities to catch rabbits) and Jon Schuster with his red tail went home with a rabbit in the game bag.  Other attendees included Rita T.  from New Hampshire with her Red tail, Bruno with his Red tail, Mike M. with his Great Horned Owl and MA fish & Wildlife falconry coordinator, Erik.  These meets are as much about hunting as they are the camaraderie between fellow hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.


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Summer Picnic

It was a beautiful day at the MFHT summer picnic! Good food, great friends/families and wonderful conversations catching up on the off season.  Diane Welch, Kim Meiners and Wendy Pavlicek brought their birds for viewing.  We would like to thank Falconry Coordinator Erik Amati, Northeast NAFA director Joe Kasakowski, photographers Paul Topham & Courtney Sepeck and many others who were in attendance.  Another big thank you to the Westford Sportsmen’s Club for allowing us to host our event at their beautiful property.

Every year we hold a raffle for a chance to win gear, equipment and gifts related to the sport of hunting with birds of prey.  We would like to thanks our generous sponsors : Northwoods Falconry, Western Sporting, Mike Dupuy, and the many falconers who donated items as well.

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MFHT supports Sportsman Alliance and Cabela’s 

Representatives from the MFHT were present with their birds at today’s event, run by Diane Welch and the Sportsman’s Alliance at Cabela’s. Birds of Prey and conservation were the focus of the talk.

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MFHT at Westford Sportsman’s Club Open House 

The Westford Sportsmen’s Club welcomed the public to its 200 acre facility on Sept 26th. The MFHT was well represented with Kim Meiners and her kestrel, Damian Folch and his peregrine and Diane Welch and her red tail.  They set up an informational table on the sport and history of falconry. 



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Local Falconer Dave Peltier helps rescue an injured hawk

Falconers often receive phone calls to help with injured or sick birds of prey from residents and wildlife agencies.  Check out the story below about the rescue.


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Falcon released at MassWildlife with help of master falconer

Bill falcon

Master falconer and club liaison, Bill Johnston, helped care and train a peregrine falcon for release in partnership with Tufts Wildlife Clinic and MassWildlife..way to go!

From Masswildife:  In October, a Peregrine Falcon was found in Lawrence with an injured foot and transported to Bernice Barbour Wildlife Center. Bill Johnston, a Master Falconer, then cared for and trained the bird using falconry techniques to help the bird regain her strength. At the beginning of this month, the bird was released back into the wild outside our Field Headquarters in Westborough. To learn more about Peregrine Falcons in MA, visit

See more pics of the release:  MetroWest article & pics

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MFHT at the NWTF Women in the Outdoors Event!

The Massachusetts Falconry & Hawk Trust had several members attend and run informational sessions about falconry at the National Wildlife Turkey Federation’s “Women in the Outdoors” event this July.  Diane Welch, Kim Meiners, Michael Meade and Rita Tulloh (NH falconers) shared their stories, experiences and up close view of their hunting partners.  It was a great event with over 50 volunteers and 100 attendees.

IMG_0208 IMG_0210 unnamed IMG_0207 IMG_0211 unnamed-1

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