5 Responses to Gallery

  1. Diane Welch says:

    Nice job webmaster! Looks really great. You

  2. Diane Welch says:

    Thanks for all your work Wendy! The site looks awesome!

  3. bill johnston says:

    An organization’s website says a lot about who they are. Wendy has done an outstanding job of introducing the MFHT in a positive and informative way!

  4. Police Officer Bill Willis says:

    I live in the city of Boston. I was working at a football game and I noticed there were several dead rats lying on the ground around the field. There were several Red Tail Hawks flying in the area and one came down and picked up one of the rats. I am a bird of prey enthusiast, so I took a picture with my cell phone. I noticed that the bird had tethers on it’s talens as if it were a pet.
    Is it possible that this Hawk was a pet at one time that left it’s owner, or was this a method of tagging?
    I was concerned that it could possibly get tangled in some tree branches if it continues to live in the wild.
    I am also interested in Falconry although I much prefer to photograph them. I have been able to get some great pictures over the years.

    • Hello! Thank you for writing..raptors are by no means “pets” but are kept as hunting partners to practice falconry ..yes it is possible it could have been owned or permitted to a falconer, educator or rehabber. Would you be able to forward the picture to me at The bird can be humanely trapped and straps removed but it is hard t know where it would be at any time.

      I am scared for the hawk that ate the dead rats as I assume they were poisoned and it can travel up through the food chain..very very sad..

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