Field Meet

The MA Falconry and Hawk Trust plans group field meets during the Falconry hunting season.  It is a time for falconers to share a common bond out in the field.


During the Summer, the MFHT hold its annual Falconry Picnic.  It is a time for fellow falconers  to get together during the long moult and enjoy each others’ company.  Great food, a raffle, and lots of laughs are had at this event.

10 Responses to Events

  1. Yes, please notify me of future events! Thank you!!!!

  2. Jan Bender says:

    I’m with Scott. . . Please keep me posted!

  3. Tabatha says:

    Keep me posted!

  4. Sam Roberts says:

    I am interested in joining one of these events, hoping to learn a bit more about falconry in Massachusetts and meet some members. Are dates for events ever posted? Or could I receive an email about the next one? Thanks so much.

  5. Robert Gilberti says:

    where can i report aloss hawk?

  6. Aimee says:

    I’m in the same boat as Sam. Though I live in NH, I’d like to know more about falconry in Massachusetts, though more falconry in general, and would love to attend an event to talk to members about their experiences with these wonderful raptors.

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