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Vice President:  Mike Mead

Liaison Officer:  Bill Johnston

Webmaster & Treasurer:  Wendy Pavlicek

Sharp-shinned Hawk

21 Responses to Contacts

  1. Austin says:

    Hi my name is Austin Leclaire and I’m really interested in falconry and I would like to get started in falconry in located in pembroke ma thank you and I hope to here back soon

  2. Larry says:

    Really interested.need guidance helpp

  3. Robyn Frotz says:

    Hello! I am an aspiring apprentice looking for more ways to get involved with the falconry community. I have the information packet from fish and wildlife and am just looking for anything I can do while I study for my permit test. Thanks so much!


    • The first thing you need to do is find a sponsor as you can not become a licensed falconer without one..

      Since it is a hunting sport you will need to take a hunters education course and then buy a hunting license..

      We have field meets 2-3 times a year which is a great place to meet people..there are no more scheduled meets for this year

  4. Nicole Leonard says:

    Hello, I am a veterinary student, certified wildlife rehabilitator, and am located in Marshfield. I am interesting in becoming a falconer in order to help any injured raptors that come to me for veterinary care and then need further rehabilitation. I have heard that getting licensed in falconry will help with the pre-release and flight evaluation of the raptors. Please let me know where I can find more information or who to contract about this.

    • Hi you plan on hunting with a raptor as that is what the core base of falconry is…I know several rehabbers that work with falconers to learn training and flying techniques, but do not get a liscense..if you are interetsed in building an enclosure, trapping a bird from the wild, training it, and hunting live prey with the bird, then Michael Huguenin at MassWildife is the person to contact about info, finding a sponsor, taking the test and so forth…

  5. Josh says:

    Hello I am Josh and I am very interested in falconry I line in Bolton and need to find someone to act as my sponsor.

  6. Tyler Parker says:

    Hello, i have acquired an information packet from mass wildlife, scheduled a hunters education class, and am studying as many books, and all information i can find on the sport, however i am having problems finding a falconer(s) to talk to about falconry, let alone the topic of sponsoring me, any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  7. Tammy Merenda says:

    Hello all,
    Ive found the the MASS Wildlife Information Packet offers little preparation for the falconry exam. Can you point me in any other directions? Thank you,

    • The packet is being redone by the new coordinator. You can try the California Hawking guide for apprentices and they also have a practice exam. Both are for purchase on their website and in falconry company catalogs. The exam is also in the slow process of being updated as well by fish and wildlife.

  8. Zak Mackay says:

    Hey my name is Zak and I live out on Nantucket island. I’m at the end of my apprenticeship and would like to make it across the water at some point to meet more of the falconry community at one of your annual events. Was wondering if anyone could let me know the dates? Thanks.


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  10. William says:

    I have a owl sitting in the ground near my house I’ve called mass envormental they didn’t seem to interested. I know as falconer you may be able to capture this bird and I’m not sure if it is injured or not. Give me a email it’s been sitting in same location for 2 days now. Just looking to get the bird some help as its not in my ability to do so.

  11. charles tsakrios says:

    My area in Allston is full of redtails. I have found a few poisoned by rodenticide that I took to tufts. We have a lot of rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, rats, pigeons, and various quarry just here in the middle of the city and the red tails seem so versatile that I see them everywhere. I have had a few in parks that let me get very close and I have dreamed of taking them for falconry.

    I have a lot of questions on where one could hunt if they had a license as well as the specific conditions you need to keep a mews. I’ve been to new england falconry once but didn’t learn much other than… “hey cool. Birds fly to your hand if you have meat”. Are there any meet ups I could be a part of to learn more, and see what you need to do daily, to care for a raptor?

  12. Lisa says:

    My town has become a haven for the Norwegian rat – how does one encourage owls or perhaps a falconer to deploy the best prevention of all – predators …

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