About the MA Falconry & Hawk Trust

Welcome to the web site of the Massachusetts Falconry and Hawk Trust (MFHT).   The MFHT is a non-profit fraternal organization, dedicated to improving, aiding, and sharing a common interest in the sport of falconry.  Here you will find information about becoming a falconer in the Commonwealth, updates on exciting falconry news, photographs, and links to other great falconry sites.

Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to provide communication among and to disseminate relevant information to interested members; to promote conservation of birds of prey; to protect and improve laws governing falconry, on both the state and federal levels; to meet at appropriate times for good fellowship and the sharing of a common bond.

Peregrine Falcon

16 Responses to About the MA Falconry & Hawk Trust

  1. Adam says:

    Hello there
    We have a youngster here landing in our yard every day like a clock at 9-10 am and 5-7 pm unfazed by the roosters, chickens and dogs going after sparrows. I you can catch him he may be trainable. Let me know.
    Adam C. Thermos
    Cell: 508-473-4949
    50 Highland Street, Holliston MA 01746

  2. Marcy says:

    I am a liscenced raptor rehabilitator in Holbrook,Mass. I am looking to connect to a falconer that can help with conditioning a rehabbed red tail for release. If anyone can help please contact Marcy at The Charmacy Wildlife Center 781-767-5514

  3. Rashed says:

    Hello ther
    Im Rashed from KSA Im arabic falconery and my hopy is hunt by falcon can you guys hellping me to bay sakar or gyr falcon her in MA

  4. Hello, the Born To Be Wild Nature Center in Bradford, RI is in need of a falconer to fly and evaluate a Peregrine Falcon rescued in Providence. It is 1st year tiercel who has been rescued twice. We need someone familiar with Peregrine flight and behavior to offer his/her opinion of setting this bird free. We are a state and federally licensed raptor rehabilitation center. Thank you for any advice on this falcon.

  5. Peter belford says:

    I would like to learn more about falconry specifically in the south east of MA.. I understand I need to apprentice w someone and I would prefer to do that local to my house.

  6. Christopher Rich says:

    Hello my name is Christopher Rich.I was interested in knowing more about the art of falconry.. Are there local groups?.. Im from Brookfield… What are the requirements? Fees? Average costs?.. What is it like?

    Id really like to speak with or meet with someone who knows all these things through experience..

    My email is Xr200r.cr@gmail.com

  7. Marty Schloss says:

    Hi. We live in Middleton, MA and have a Hawk’s nest (in a bush) that has eggs and one has hatched. I can provide a picture. Is there a way to have them removed/relocated? I’m concerned as I have a very small (3 lb) dog. Thanks. Marty

  8. Chris Fender says:

    Hello, I live in Clinton, MA and I have begun the hobby of backyard chickens. It seems as tho they have attracted a few Cooper’s Hawks. I have read that some towns or orginazations will aid in reloacation. Any information would be beneficial. Thank you.

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