Winter Field Meet

Bill Hatch and Rocco Addeo hosted a fun day of hunting and hawking this February.  It was beautiful, strangely warm day for a New England winter and many falconers and spectators attended the meet.  Game was plenty, the birds had several slips (opportunities to catch rabbits) and Jon Schuster with his red tail went home with a rabbit in the game bag.  Other attendees included Rita T.  from New Hampshire with her Red tail, Bruno with his Red tail, Mike M. with his Great Horned Owl and MA fish & Wildlife falconry coordinator, Erik.  These meets are as much about hunting as they are the camaraderie between fellow hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.


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3 Responses to Winter Field Meet

  1. Rocco Addeo says:

    Awsome day!!!I love hosting the club…Can’t wait until the next one!! Rocco

  2. Nicolas Van Landeghem says:


    My name is Nicolas, I am a wounded veteran who is incredibly interested in becoming a falconer. I would absolutely love the opportunity to dedicate myself and train and become a falconer, taking this experience into the VA systems and help individuals with other mental and or physical disabilities. If there’s any possible way I could receive an email I would love to talk with a master.

    Thank you,

    Nicolas Van Landeghem

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