January Field Meet

This past Saturday the MFHT held a field meet in central Massachusetts.  Despite the gloomy weather, it was well attended and quarry was found at some great spots.  We would like to thank John Tobin and Todd Haskell for hosting and organizing the event.

Photo by: Hannah Lienhard

Photo by: Hannah Lienhard

Some highlights from the event were great attempts at a few rabbit slips by new apprentice, Kim Meiners and her passage red tail hawk, Orion.


Jonathan Schuster and his hunting dog, were helping push rabbits from thick cover.


Dave Pelletier walked the field and briars with his female goshawk.  What a beautiful bird!


Wendy Pavlicek’s red tail hawk, Medusa, was successful at taking a squirrel amongst the treetops.  Congratulations!




Later in the day, Bill Johnston shared the beauty and grace of flying his gyrfalcon in some open cornfields.



Apprentice, Matt Eckler and his passage red tail hawk, Cliff, had some great slips at a bushy tail to end the day.

Thank you to everyone who was in attendance and we look forward to more events in the future.


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