MFHT at the MA Outdoor Expo!

MA Falconry and Hawk Trust participated in the Ma Outdoor Expo this past weekend.  This event was organized and produced by FAWN (Facts About Wildlife & Nature Society) and was held at the Hamilton Rod and Gun Club in Sturbridge, MA.

MFHT table at the Expo

The MOE’s purpose is to educate the public about wildlife and connect people to the outdoors.  Some of the exciting stations included:  Build a Birdhouse, Tree Stand Saftey, Skeet Shooting, Rock Climbing, Fly Casting, Kayaking & Canoeing, Archery, Bees and Honey, Turkey Talk, Animal Tracks, Forestry Management, and much more!

Wendy with her Red-tail Hawk, Medusa

Kathy and her Harris Hawk

Diane and Wendy with MFHT shirts

Oden, the Gyr Peregrine

Natasha, Wendy and Diane

Bill Hatch

Our own member and naturalist, Marla Issacs particpated with her managerie of native reptiles and bired of prey.

Thank you to Diane Welch, Bill and Linda Hatch, Natasha Hawke, Kathy McKeown, Wendy Pavlicek and Marla Issacs for being a part of this wonderful day!

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2 Responses to MFHT at the MA Outdoor Expo!

  1. Joan McGinn says:

    Beautiful photos-looks like the composer of this site is really good-would you know why the Connecticut Falconers Association is in Japanese? I’m interested in falconry and live in Redding Ct. Thank you Joan MCGinn

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