Western Field Meet

This past Saturday Mike Meade hosted a MFHT field meet in western MA. We had 9 falconers in attendance, family members and a few new interested folks. Erin Shanley attended with her zoom lens camera to catch the action and camaraderie. Derrik Silva attended with his father. Nick and Adelyn were troopers experiencing falconry for the first time.

First up was apprentice Diana Morrisey and her immature Red Tail named Holly. Holly had 2 quick squirrel chases and managed to catch one in the crook of a tree. The squirrel spun and got away as some fur floated to the ground. Holly then had 2 slips on a rabbit and hit the ground so hard we thought she shattered her legs! WOW! A great hunt for all. Way to go Holly and Diana.

Next up was falconer Jim Pendoley with his 5 year old Red Tail named Circe. The line of pushers moved along flushing a rabbit, which cleverly got away. A squirrel was quickly located after and the chase started. The humans followed intently and Circe grabbed her prey/meal spiraling to the ground. Way to go team!

Another apprentice, Arthur Tzouros, and his immature red tail named Trixie went next. The hunting area included 40 acres of briars and brambles and kept Trixie and her pushers on their game. Mike Meade lead the hunt and pushers worked hard to get rabbits to run. Trixie flew incredibly hard for almost 2 hours…following, crashing and repositioning with strength and stamina. The cover provided the rabbits to escape but as we pushed the line back towards the cars, a rabbit broke out under the trees and Trixie sealed her meal for the next week! Way to go Trixie and Artie!

Last up was Rita Tulloh from New Hampshire with her 15 year old Red Tail Scarlett. Scarlet followed well and coming into a small forest, we saw a squirrel moving. Scarlett made 2 attempts and the squirrel made it to its scape on the ground and into cover. Scarlett sat drying her wings off in a tree and then was called to a nice meal on the lure. Great job Scarlett and Rita! Diana Morrisey even found some leftovers of a cottontail on the way out.

Thanks to Mike Meade for a great day and to everyone whom attended to make a memorable field experience.

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Honoring Marla Isaac

Our fellow fellow Falconer, Marla Isaac passed away this past month. She was a falconer flying Great Horned Owls, Harris Hawks, Red tail hawks and Coopers Hawks. She was a Wildlife Rehabilitator, Wildlife & Environmental Educator, Artist and the Founder and Director of the non-profits: Massachusetts Raptor Center and NE Reptile & Raptor Exhibits. We will miss her greatly..

We are honoring her by raising funds to have her added to the wall of remembrance at the Archives of Falconry. https://gofund.me/bda5ae30

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Greater Boston Animal Expo

MFHT was represented by members Erin Shanley and Wendy Pavlicek at the Greater Boston Animal Expo in Wilmington MA. They educated folks about birds of prey, falconry and conservation. Educating the public is an important to the falconry community.

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2022 MFHT Picnic

The MFHT held their annual picnic on September 18th. It was hosted by apprentice Derrick Silva. The club held a business meeting, enjoyed food and beverage and had a raffle of various falconry items. Falconers shared stories, caught up on family events and welcomed new folks who are interested in getting into the sport. Thanks to all who came and Derrick for hosting.

Gigi the American Kestrel
Edison the Great Horned Owl
Erin Shanley & Polgara the African Pied Crow
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Falconry in MA during the pandemic

The last year and a half has changed the lives of many, including falconers across the state. Our club did not have field meets nor the annual picnics due to the pandemic. Meetings for club members were held virtually. The one thing that did not change was the passion and dedication to our sport. Enjoy some photographs highlighting some of the moments form our members past few seasons.

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Falconers Work with the Public

Falconers often receive calls from residents, animal officers and companies whom have questions or certain issues with bird of prey. One common issue that arises is when birds follow their prey into large warehouse buildings and get stuck inside. Falconers spend their own time and effort trying to recover and release the birds back to the outdoors.

Pictured below is Bruno Diduca, whom helped a local business trap and release a cooper’s hawk back to the wild. Great Job!IMG_5189IMG_5190

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MFHT at the MA Outdoors Event

The MFHT participated in the educating the public about falconry and bird conservation at the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo this fall.   This event was held at the Hamilton Road and Gun Club. The Massachusetts Outdoor Expo, also known as The Big MOE was a free, family-friendly event designed to introduce young and old to wildlife and the outdoors.

The MFHT was represented by Wendy Pavlicek and her Horned Owl and American Kestrel.

Attracting several thousand attendees, the Big MOE featured a variety of skills stations, craft tables, and other exhibits relating to wildlife and the outdoors. It was an opportunity to try new outdoor skills and activities such as fishing, archery, kayaking, shooting, building a bird box, geocaching, mountain biking, nature arts and crafts. Visitors could see a New England Pioneer encampment, take a peek at live birds of prey and native reptiles, be part of a tree stand safety demonstration and got up close and personal at the 4-H petting zoo. Local sportsmen’s clubs, outdoor businesses, conservation organizations and state agencies sponsored most of the activity stations.

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2018 MFHT Picnic

The 2018 MFHT picnic was held in late September at the Hale Reservation in Westwood MA. Falconers from MA, NH and CT attended, as well as guests and people interested in falconry. It was a pot luck event with many yummy dishes and desserts. Mike Mead set up a weathering yard where 2 great horned owls, a kestrel, a merlin and red tail hawk perched comfortably for guests to observe. The picnic ended with the popular raffle, where donated items are raffled off to support the club.

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MFHT at Women in the Outdoors

Diane Welch, Kim Meiners and Wendy Pavlicek shared their knowledge of falconry and raptor conservation at the Women in the Outdoors Event run by the National Wild Turkey Federation in Princeton MA. Women from all over New England attended to learn about bird of prey and hunting.

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Winter Field Meet

Rocco Addeo and Bill Hatch hosted a fun day of hunting and hawking this January.  It was beautiful, warm day for a New England winter and many falconers and spectators attended the meet.  Game was plenty, the birds had several slips (opportunities to catch rabbits).  These meets are as much about hunting as they are the camaraderie between fellow hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Thanks to Diane Welch for taking photos.

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