Master Falconer in the news!

Massachusetts falconer, Dave Peltier, gave Fox News and the community some informtion on why a man was attacked by a resident red-shoulder hawk.  Way to go Dave!

Watch the video here

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Central MA Field Meet

This Saturday the MFHT held a field meet in Central MA.  With over 2 feet of snow on the ground, the club proceeded to have a great time catching up, flushing rabbits and chasing game.  Apprentice Tom Reily and his male redtail hawk, Gavin stole the show by catching their first rabbit together! Congrats Tom!  We would like to thank Bill Hatch for hosting the meet and organizing a great event.

photo 3


photo 2-3


photo 4


photo 1

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MFHT at the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo

MFHT members joined the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo for a fun day filled with activities about the outdoors.  The club had information regarding the sport of falconry, an equipment display and several live birds to enjoy.  Thanks to Bill and Linda Hatch, Diane Welch, Bill Johnston, and Wendy Pavlicek for repesenting the club and the sport.




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Summer picnic

The MFHT held its Summer picnic last week at Robinson State Park.  Falconers and guests from all over the Commonwealth traveled to spend some quality time together.  There were great conversations of new birds, releases, husbandry, the upcoming trapping season and family happenings.  We had falconers from New Hampshire and Connecticut in attendance.  We would like to thank John Tobin for all his hard work organizing and cooking at the picnic.  Another thank you to Steve Rossi, cook, and Bruno DiDuca for setting up one the best raffles we have seen in years.  It was a wonderful event and we look forward to the upcoming hunting season!







We would like to thank the many donors for our raffle. We greatly appreciate your support.  You can find links to their website in the blogroll on the right hand side of our main page.

Mike’s Falconry Supplies          Northwoods Falconry          Merlin Systems

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We would also like to thank the many falconers who donated items to the raffle as well.

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Spring Meeting

The MFHT held its spring meeting at Lake Lorraine in Springfield, MA.  The club discussed several matters pertaining to falconry, including the state exam, membership, by-laws, relations with Fish and Wildlife, future field dates, and the summer picnic.  A new secretary/treasurer was chosen (Wendy Pavlicek).  We’d like to thank Kathy McKeown for her prior services as club secretary/treasurer.

The meeting is also a great time to catch up and chat with fellow falconers.  Birds are beginning to molt and falconers are spending time with family and friends.  Here are some photos taken from the meeting.




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MFHT helps support American Kestrels!

Late winter, the MFHT got together to build and construct several nesting boxes to help support the American Kestrel.  The American Kestrel population has declined significantly over recent years.  The club wanted to make an effort to help this beautiful raptor.


We contacted Joey Mason of “Keeping Comany with Kestrels, Inc.” to donate several of the nest boxes. She will continue her efforts to install, replace and monitor the boxes. Click here to visit her website and learn more about her efforts.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Bruno DiDuca who took the time to gather materials and head up the project.  We’d also like to thank Bruno again and John Schuster for their time and dedication in constructing the nest boxes.




Nest Box Bruno

The remaining nest boxes will be installed and monitored by MFHT falconry club members.

K box (2)

We can hope that with hard work and education these beautiful birds can thrive in numbers once again.


Click here to learn more about the American Kestrel.

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January Field Meet

This past Saturday the MFHT held a field meet in central Massachusetts.  Despite the gloomy weather, it was well attended and quarry was found at some great spots.  We would like to thank John Tobin and Todd Haskell for hosting and organizing the event.

Photo by: Hannah Lienhard

Photo by: Hannah Lienhard

Some highlights from the event were great attempts at a few rabbit slips by new apprentice, Kim Meiners and her passage red tail hawk, Orion.


Jonathan Schuster and his hunting dog, were helping push rabbits from thick cover.


Dave Pelletier walked the field and briars with his female goshawk.  What a beautiful bird!


Wendy Pavlicek’s red tail hawk, Medusa, was successful at taking a squirrel amongst the treetops.  Congratulations!




Later in the day, Bill Johnston shared the beauty and grace of flying his gyrfalcon in some open cornfields.



Apprentice, Matt Eckler and his passage red tail hawk, Cliff, had some great slips at a bushy tail to end the day.

Thank you to everyone who was in attendance and we look forward to more events in the future.


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